Kundalini Yoga: Unraveling the Serpent

Many people practice yoga for its life-enhancing health benefits, but if you’re searching for a yoga practice that focuses as much on the spiritual as the physical, then look no further than Kundalini Yoga. This school of yoga is perhaps one of the oldest, dating as far back as the father of yoga himself, Patanjali, to the second century BCE. Put simply, Kundalini Yoga is the practice of becoming wholly balanced in mind, body, and spirit by combining 

basic yoga postures with controlled breathing and deep meditation, all in equal parts. The Kundalini style of yoga is said to clear and balance the chakras, the points of energy that run up and down the spine. There are seven primary chakras, each of which is responsible for a different area of life. The first chakra, the vibrant red Muladhara, is found at the base of the spine, and it is responsible for your sense of feeling worthy and grounded in the

world. Near  the pelvis lays Swadhisthana, the orange chakra affiliated with sexuality and sensuality. Manipura is the third chakra, at the center of your body. It is bright yellow and represents your will and determinedness. Your emerald green heart chakra, Anahata, is bound to all matters of the heart: love, affection, friendship, and romance. Visuddha, the blue throat chakra, controls creativity and assertiveness. The chakra found between your eyebrows,

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